Spotlight On: Effusion A Cappella

Effusion is a student a cappella group at McGill. They perform at private functions, public events, and parties, and have recorded 3 albums over the last 10 years. Effusion pushes the boundaries of traditional a cappella, infusing it with gospel, jazz, R&B, pop, rock, and folk among other genres.

To see the full album on McGillography's Facebook Page, click here.

If you were invited to the Grammy's, what artist/band would you most want to perform with?

Joen Lee U3 Sociology and Psychology

If time and space were not limiting factors, Ella Fitzgerald. Without question. I think just to stand in awe of her, as I could not even imagine singing with this goddess, would be just dreamy. I have such a soft spot for jazz, the oldies, the classics, and Ella nails it with every note and scat. She manages to always take me to some different universe. In la la land, Miss Ella and I would sing a nice little jazzy tune at the Grammys, maybe with Louis joining in on the fun?

Jordan Benjamin U1 Communications

I would love nothing more than to perform with ?uestlove and the Roots. The unbelievable versatility of the band would make it so much fun, and my style of music tends to drift somewhere between R&B and Hip Hop, which they've done extensive work in. Listening to the production value from artists like D'Angelo, The Roots have an infectious talent that makes everyone around them better. Their cohesion and chemistry is unparalleled in contemporary hip hop bands, and that's who I think I would benefit the most from performing with.

Claire Ridgely U0 Arts

I would most want to perform with James Morrison. I've been a fan of his raspy, soulful sound for quite some time. The music we would create together would be bluesy, powerful, and filled with fancy harmonies. Discovering him was what opened my eyes and led me to love the whole wide world of blues. James Morrison is most definitely my role model in music as he writes for himself and not with the intention of being mainstream.

Hrishov Sarker MSc Public Health

I would most want to perform with Ed Sheeran. I admire his simplicity and modesty as a musician and as a human being. He loves to cover R&B and pop songs of all sort, which are exactly what I'd want to create and perform with him. At the age of 22, he's already writing songs for other popular artists, writing his own songs, and featuring on movie soundtracks (i.e. The Hobbit). I very much idolize him because when he performs, although not overly energetic or dancing around, it's easy to see that he's really enjoying what he does, without having to be flashy in any way. I admire that he blows people away with his music while looking no different from an average person. He inspires me by reminding me that, with as little as a voice and a guitar, I can give people a reason to smile while I enjoy my passion.

To see the full album on McGillography's Facebook Page, click here.