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Our McGill Experience

How engaged are you at McGill? How engaged is McGill with you?

At McGill, we want to ensure that student engagement is one of our foremost strengths. The classroom is a wonderful place to learn and develop, but it is not the only place for it. In and out of class, we want our students to feel that McGill is a fully supportive environment that cares about its students' academic and non-academic success.
But are we accomplishing that mission? We want to know. And no matter the answer, we want to do better.
We want to have a conversation... and a challenge, a lesson, an epiphany, a showcase, and more! The McGill Experience Committee, a campus group made up of students, staff, and faculty, is working on initiatives and changes that will improve student engagement at McGill. But to make changes, we need to know what needs changing!

We want to shape Our McGill Experience together. Here's how:

Defining "Student Engagement"

When we talk about “(student) engagement,” we mean the two types of learning you are doing at McGill: the studying and classroom activities that support your degree, and other opportunities provided by McGill and student groups that are also helping you learn and develop. (Definition from NSSE)

Here are a few examples of what can constitute "student engagement"


classroom activities
reading and writing
community-based projects
independent study
class assignments and projects
faculty interaction
textbooks and academic resources
studying abroad
group work


tutoring and academic support
orientation and transition
identity-based support (e.g., First Nations,
LGBTQ, International)
computer and
technology use
academic advising
mental health and counselling
financial aid and assistance
career advising
student services
Service Point
("customer service")
admissions and transfers
graduation and
alumni relations


spiritual well-being
extracurricular involvement
physical fitness
internships and practicum
campus events and activities
food and dining
health and well-being
campus space
senior-year experience


Conference on Student Engagement

On March 13, 2014, McGill Enrolment Services will be holding its third Strategic Enrolment Management (SEM) conference. This year's theme will be Toolkits For Student Engagement and Academic Success.

Students are invited to register for the event through the Enrolment Services website.

Talking about Student Engagement - Now and Forever

All students are invited to help form the discussion at the conference - and beyond! - by filling out this short questionnaire about Your McGill ExperienceOur roaming video team will also be around to get your feedback and impressions, so stay on the look out for them.

This is just the beginning, though! Our focus on student engagement is not a one-time thing. We'll be continuously wanting to get feedback on, have discussions about, and prompt reflections on a variety of topics, issues, and experiences related to student engagement. Look out for more initiatives that are trying to do just that. At times, they may be focused on specific areas and topics related to student engagement.

The only way we can improve our McGill experience is by knowing what it's looking like - and where we can take it!

Email Mitchell Miller (Student Life Coordinator) with any questions.