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In Endocrinology at the MUHC, our faculty treat and deal with all of the disorders considered under the "Endocrinology" rubric, but our MDs also attend and support numerous specialty and subspecialty structured clinics which have been created within our division and based in the divisions of other specialties. These are the clinics:

  • Diabetes Clinic addressing type 1 and type 2 diabetes as well as diabetes secondary to other treatments.
  • Lipid Clinic addressing complicated genetic and acquired dyslipidemia cases.
  • Bone Metabolism Clinic addressing osteoporosis, calcium and mineral metabolism as well as genetic and acquired metabolic bone diseases.
  • Neuroendocrinology Clinics diagnosing and treating pituitary disorders and other tumours and syndromes of endocrine origin.
  • Antenatal Clinic managing pregnant women with diabetes and other endocrinological disorders.
  • Transition Clinic helps guide young adults with diabetes from care at the Montreal Children’s Hospital through to adult care at the MUHC or in their local area.
  • Reproductive Endocrinology Clinic addressing issues of fertility and women’s health.
  • Thyroid Clinic diagnosing and treating thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules and disorders of thyroid function.
  • Adrenal Clinic addresses patients with often difficult to diagnose disorders of adrenal nodules and adrenal function.
  • Home TPN Clinic is a very specialized group of individuals working with patients who require full-time parenteral nutrition support.
  • Obesity Clinic is envisioned to begin in late 2014, and targets the growing problem of obesity and related metabolic diseases.
  • We also have a Resident Clinic where our specialty trainees and junior house-staff see patients with all of the above varied disorders.

These clinics are multidisciplinary and include our MDs as well as other specialists, nurse-educators and dieticians and make available the services of psychology and insulin pump technology, among other services.