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Fire Extinguishers

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Safety is everyone`s responsibility.

Get to know your extinguishers…

  • Which type of extinguishers are available in your work area and where are they located.
  • Make sure they are not obstructed or hidden behind any furniture or door(s).
  • Check to verify if the extinguisher equipped with a gauge (see picture below) requires maintenance. For example, if you can answer NO to the questions below, please contact Operations as soon as convenient.

  • Is the needle on the gauge in the green zone? If the needle is not in green zone, maintenance is required.

Extinguisher Gauge Pic

  • Is the safety pin tamper seal missing? If the extinguisher does not have a tamper seal, maintenance is required.

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If extinguishers are missing or tampered with, please report them to Operations (at Fire Prevention) at (514) 398-3473 or email: operations [dot] emfp [at] campus [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Operations)

What to Do After Using an Extinguisher

After an extinguisher has been used you must report it to Security Services. A patroller will be sent to obtain the extinguisher and will notify the fireprevention [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Fire Prevention Office). In return, the Operations team will have the extinguisher replaced at its original location.

Service Tags

During the annual inspections, a service inspection tag is attached to the extinguisher. The inspector’s initials are written in the box according to the month and year. The annual inspection is valid for 1 year of the date written. For example: if there are initials in the box dated January 2012, the inspections are valid until January 2013.

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