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Semi Annual Mass Notification Test October 22, 2014

10/10/2014    McGill University has built up a wide range of communications tools to help keep you safe in an emergency.  Depending on the situation and level of urgency, we can send you text messages (sign up through Minerva), post emergency announcements on the McGill.ca website and send pop-up warnings to most McGill computers (more info here).  Don’t worry, we won’t flood you with messages – we’ll only use these tools in a real urgent situation. On Oct. 22, we’ll be testing many of these tools to make sure they’ll work if you ever need them.  For more information on this test, click here. After the test, you can address your comments and concerns to emergency [dot] measures [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Safety Week 2014

This year’s theme is Safety Through Internal Responsibility. Please join us for an exciting lineup of speaking presentations and tabling activities to be held in various buildings across both of our McGill campuses. To visit the Safety Week website, click here.

McGill Night Route Map for Crossing Campus

06/05/2014  Are those end of exam celebrations keeping you out late into the night? Use the McGill Night Route map when crossing campus. Check it out on our blog

New Safety Permits required at McGill as of May 01, 2014

1.      All staff and external partners wanting to perform Hot Work (example: welding, soldering, use of a torch) on our campuses must use McGill’s new hot work permit. Click here for further information.
2.      New web permit for the shutdown of fire protection equipment:  Click here for further information.
A web based, hot work training session and a McGill procedures information session are both required to obtain permits. Please contact fireprevention [at] mcgill [dot] ca if you have any questions.

Semi Annual Mass Notification Test March 2014

07/03/2013    McGill University has built up a wide range of communications tools to help keep you safe in an emergency.  Starting with the March 18 event, we will now be testing McGill's mass notification tools twice a year.  After the test, please complete our online feedback survey so that we can address your comments and concerns. 

Traumatic Incidents & Mental Health

25/02/2014  Experiencing a traumatic incident can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Find out what services are available here at McGill to help you maintain positive mental health by visiting our blog

What is Emergency Management anyway?

4/02/2014   Emergency management can be best described by the cycle that represents it. The emergency management cycle is made up of four phases; prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Follow our blog for more details.

Annual Mass Notification Test 2013

10/22/2013    McGill University has built up a wide range of communications tools to help keep you safe in an emergency.  On October 23, we will be testing McGill's emergency notification tools. For more information on this annual test, click here. After the test, please complete our online feedback survey so that we can address your comments and concerns. Click here to complete this survey. Thank you!  

University Safety Week 2013                         

08/21/2013    During Safety Week, McGill University Safety offers McGill students, faculty, staff and guests a series of events to learn more about the safety services and procedures available at the University. This year, Safety Week will focus on promoting 'Safety Through Social Media': Websiters, Twitters, Facebook, Weblog, media distribution and more, as well as an exciting blend of presentations, selective displays located across both McGill campuses.

University Safety - Emergency Response Training

06/13/2013    As part of our continuing efforts to provide a safe working and learning environment, members of University Safety recently took part in an emergency response simulation. Check our blog for more details. 

EMFP Newsletter 2013

05/06/2013    The third edition of our EMFP Newsletter has just been released. Click the 'News' icon to view it or visit the 'Newsletter' page to see all editions to date.  

University Safety Blog

04/01/2013    University Safety is now on McGill Blogs! Click to find useful information, news and updates about our services, departments and our continuing contribution to the McGill Community. We'll discuss safety information and best practices, as well as current trends and pertinent issues, all aimed at providing you with a new source of information for safety related material. So bookmark our blog and consult it regularly. 

Welcome to Our New Look Website

04/01/2013    The Emergency Measures & Fire Prevention office welcomes you to browse our redesigned website and see what's new! We've introduced many new features such as 'Quick Links' to help you access information faster and all-new menus and tab options to allow users to navigate the site within each unit. So whether you need to review our emergency guides, procedures and policies, keep up-to-date with news and events, register for a FREE fire extinguisher training session or contact us for information on inspections or evacuations, you'll find all you need within our new look website.

This News & Events section will update the McGill community on the services provided by the Emergency Measures and Fire Prevention Office. The EMFP Newsletter is also available for download or viewing online at your preference. All-in-all, we're ensuring you'll be kept informed of how EMFP, as a division of University Safety, continues to help safeguard the McGill community.

So feel free to browse and bookmark us to stay updated! Stay safe.