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Evacuations ButtonEvacuation procedures to follow in the event of a fire and/or a fire alarm in your building. 

Evacuations Disabled Persons ButtonA special procedure has been established to assist those with a permanent or temporary physical challenge so that they may exit a building safely during an emergency.

Evacuation Team ButtonThis sections includes descriptions of emergency evacuation team duties.


Emergency evacuation procedures are designed to ensure that people exit a building safely during an emergency. An emergency can be defined as any pending, present or imminent event, natural or man-made, which risks endangering the lives of people or damage to property and requires an immediate response. During an emergency, McGill University’s priority is the safety of its students, faculty and staff.


All McGill University students, faculty and staff are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the emergency information regarding their work areas, classrooms, and/or living areas. This includes emergency evacuation plans comprising: exits, alternate routes of egress, the location of pull alarm stations, portable fire extinguishers and respective meeting points (a location for evacuees to assemble upon exiting their building).

In many campus buildings, there is an evacuation team comprised of members of the McGill community who will help evacuate building occupants in a quick and orderly manner to insure everyone’s safety.