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During a Power Outage

  1. Remain calm.
  2. If emergency lighting does not come on, wait a few minutes: power interruptions are frequently of short duration.
  3. Do not use candles, matches, lighters, or other open flames as light.
  4. If you work with hazardous chemicals, keep a flashlight available to allow you to safely shut down operations.
  5. If lighting is interrupted for more than 10 minutes, notify Security.
  6. Do not move around in the dark, Security will evaluate the need to evacuate the building.

If You Are Instructed to Evacuate in Total Darkness

  1. Advise Security that you are evacuating.
  2. Crawl on your hands and knees, do not stand.
  3. With the back of your right hand, feel and follow the wall to your right.
  4. Sweep your right hand in an up and down movement, feeling for door knobs.
  5. Feel any door for heat before opening it.
  6. With your left hand, sweep the floor in front of you for obstacles or stairs.
  7. Crawl down stairs backwards, feeling the steps with your feet. (left hand on the right-hand wall)
  8. Never lose contact with the right-hand wall, you will eventually find the exit.