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In Case of Hazardous Materials Spills

Call Security Services immediately and follow the steps below. A HAZMAT response team will then be dispatched.

  1. Identify yourself and current location.
  2. Inform Security of the incident. Provide details on location of the spill.
  3. Be specific about the type of spill (example: a solvent spill, liquid radioactive spill, biohazardous material, etc.).
  4. Provide information about the extent of damage and/or loss (Building, floor, room number, etc.)

HAZMAT Spill Tips

For spills involving an immediate hazard or requiring medical assistance

  1. Call 911.

  2. In case of personal injury, remove clothing; flush the affected area with warm tap water for 20 minutes.

For small spills not involving danger to life or loss of property

  1. Confine the spill.

  2. Evacuate and secure the immediate area; limit access to authorized personnel.

  3. Notify your superior.

  4. Report all spills that can cause injury to a person or property to Security.

In case of a radioactive spill/leak

  1. Limit the spread of the spill.

  2. Warn others in the area that a spill has occurred. Evacuation is not necessary.

  3. Call Security.

  4. If skin contamination has occurred, wash the affected area with warm water for 20 minutes.

In case of a biological release/spill

  1. Don personal protection.

  2. Decontaminate the spill with appropriate disinfectant.

  3. For a large spill or release of highly infectious materials, notify everyone in the area, secure the area, then call Security immediately.

In case of exposure to blood-borne pathogen or needle-stick injury

  1. Wash affected area with warm water and soap.

  2. Call Security and seek medical attention immediately.