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During an Earthquake

If Indoors

  • Remain indoors.
  • DUCK, COVER and HOLD. Take cover under a table, bench or desk and hold on, or go to an interior wall, supported doorway, or hallway.
  • Keep clear of windows that could break and large objects that could fall over.
  • Expect fire alarm and sprinkler systems to activate.
  • Do not evacuate until the shaking has stopped.
  • When evacuating, be careful and watch for falling debris.

If Outdoors

  1. Stay outdoors.
  2. Move to an open area away from trees, buildings, windows, utility poles and signs.

 If in a Vehicle

  1. Pull over, keeping away from overhead objects such as trees, buildings, utility poles, signs, tunnels and overpasses.
  2. Get down as low as you can in the vehicle until the shaking stops.

The McGill website: www.mcgill.ca and radio stations will broadcast information regarding class cancellations and school closings.

After an Earthquake

  • Evacuate cautiously, taking your key personal belongings and any emergency supplies. Be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Do not use elevators or turn on lights.
  • Look for any signs of structural damage and for persons who may be injured or trapped. Watch for falling objects.
  • Go to your evacuation meeting location. Report injured or trapped persons and any signs of structural damage to emergency personnel.
  • Only use your phone for emergencies; overloading the phone system may delay the arrival of essential emergency assistance.