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Emergency Measures and Fire Prevention

Thank you for visiting our website, where you will find important information to help safeguard the McGill community. After navigating our website, should you still have any questions, contact us.


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Semi Annual Mass Notification Test March 18, 2014

McGill University has built up a wide range of communications tools to help keep you safe in an emergency.  Depending on the situation and level of urgency, we can send you text messages (sign up through Minerva), post emergency announcements on the McGill.ca website and send pop-up warnings to most McGill computers (more info here).  Don’t worry, we won’t flood you with messages – we’ll only use these tools in a real urgent situation. On March 18, we’ll be testing many of these tools to make sure they’ll work if you ever need them.  For more information on this test, click here. After the test, you can address your comments and concerns to emergency [dot] measures [at] mcgill [dot] ca

McGillSafe App now available for download

Adding another tool to our McGill Attention! program increases the amount of people across the campus we can reach! All you have to do is download the App! Click here for more details.

Available Training

Our training program is specificly tailored for individuals requiring additionnal knowledge in order to use one of our safety modules or those that simply want to acquire new skills.

Our training selection will vary depending on the season, academic sessions or as needed and required by the community.

To view our training list or registed for a course, please click here.