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Chair Dr. Alvin Shrier Faculty of Medicine, Physiology 2272/7452

Faculty Representatives

Dr. Dieter Reinhardt
Faculty of Medicine Safety Committee Chair
Anatomy and Cell Biology 4243/5047

Dr. Martin Olivier
Faculty of Medicine

Microbiology and Immunology
Dr. Petra Rohrbach
Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Safety Committee Chair
Institute of Parasitology 7607/7857
Prof. Milan Maric
Faculty of Engineering Safety Committee Chair
Chemical Engineering 4272
Ms. Eve Bigras
Faculty of Science
Biology 7415

Academic Consultants

CMARC Dr. Jim Gourdon Director Comparative Medicine & Animal Resources Centre 3510/7283
Radiation Safety Leo Nikkinen
Professional Associate
Physics 7034/8434
Biosafety Dr. Dalius Briedis
Microbiology and Immunology 3925/7052
Alternate Dr. Marcel Behr
Medicine, MGH 8888-42815/934-8423

Safety Officers

Joseph Vincelli
EHS Operations Manager
Environmental Health & Safety 1538/8047
Christian Bouchard
Hazardous Waste Management 5066/4633
Wayne Wood
Associate Director
University Safety 2391/8047