Chemical Safety & MSDS

The Chemical Safety module of myLab provides researchers with efficient, web-based tools that emphasize safety, compliance with government regulations, ease-of-use and sustainability.


The myLab system will help build a safer research environment at McGill.

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventories of hazardous chemicals on a centralized, modern system will help the McGill research community ensure safe laboratory environments for all researchers, staff, students and visitors. The system will make it easier to fulfill the requirement that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are quickly available to members of the research community wherever chemicals are stored or used.
  • The system will provide emergency response units with immediate access to critical information in the event of an accident or emergency. Fire department, police, ambulance services and other first responders require access to information on hazardous materials stored at the location of an accident or emergency before entering the site.

Regulatory Requirements

McGill laboratories must follow the requirements of the Controlled Products Regulations.

  • The myLab Chemical Safety module will simplify compliance with government health and safety regulations regarding hazardous chemicals, including MSDS requirements.
  • MSDS provide important safety information about controlled products and they must be readily accessible for consultation by anyone working with or near hazardous materials, as well as by University health and safety committees.
  • myLab has collaborated with the 3E company to provide access to their database of over 3 million electronic MSDS’.  To view their database collection, you must first login to your chemical inventory on myLab.
  • myLab’s electronic management solution will ensure MSDS are updated at least every three years as required by law.
  • Accurate documentation and up-to-date chemical inventories will help labs comply with regulations regarding labelling of controlled products, chemical compatibility and storage.


The Chemical Safety module of myLab offers researchers a quick and efficient management solution for chemical inventories.

  • myLab allows researchers to manage chemical inventories better and reduce the time spent doing so, once their inventory has been migrated to the new system.
  • Integration with McGill MarketPlace will simplify MSDS management, saving you time and paperwork.
  • The web-based system eliminates paper-based MSDS storage and management.
  • Renewal and updating of MSDS documents will be handled centrally, reducing the burden of maintaining current records.


Our goal for Phase 2 of the myLab project is to provide the research community with as smooth a transition to the Chemical Safety module as possible.

  • The Project Team has a flexible implementation process and can help departments and individual labs as they migrate to the new system. We realize that one size does not fit all.
  • A consultative pilot project involving the participation of 17 McGill labs and our user feedback group of members from the McGill research community are helping fine-tune the rollout of Phase 2 across the University.
  • We provide an Excel template outlining all required data to your laboratory for creating chemical inventories.
  • Existing Excel-based inventories can be imported directly into myLab by the Project Team.

Other Benefits

  • Better chemical inventory management will discourage over purchasing, reduce waste, space demands, and costs to the University and help eliminate deteriorating chemicals from lab inventories.
  • The web-based system allows laboratories to share their inventories of chemicals within departments.
  • Decommissioning of labs can be labour-intensive and costly for departments. Better management with myLab means simpler and safer clean-up operations.

For more information on the myLab Chemical Safety module and the Chemical Safety User Guide, see the myLab Service Description.