Appendix A McGill University Radiation Safety Organogram (2012)
Appendix B Equivalent Dose Limits to Organs
Appendix C General Properties of Some Radionuclides Currently Used in Research
Appendix D Transportation Labels for Packages Containing Radioactive Materials
Appendix E Poster: Receiving Radioactive Packages
Appendix F Poster: Levels of Use of Unsealed Nuclear Substances
Appendix G Poster: Proper Use and Care of Personal Dosimeters
Appendix H-1 Application for Internal Permit for Acquisition and Use of Radioactive Materials
Appendix H-2 Application For Internal Permit for Use of Radioactive Emitting Device in Non-Human Investigations
Appendix I Declaration by Radiation Users and Nuclear Energy Workers
Appendix J-1 Radioisotope Inventory
Appendix J-2 Inventory of Sealed Radioactive Materials
Appendix K Exemption Quantities
Appendix L S.I. Quantities and Units in Radiation Safety Conversion Factors
Appendix M Notification of Nuclear Energy Worker Status
Appendix N Glossary
Appendix O Bibliography