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Radiation Safety Forms

For current radioisotope permit holders

Permit holders can make changes to their radioisotope permit or request that the permit be cancelled.

Radiation log book inserts

Front page [.pdf] Insert as the binder front page.
Side label [.pdf] Insert as the binder's side label.
Table of contents [.pdf] Table of content for the radiation log book.
Intro pages [.pdf] Memo from the RSO and information about radioisotope purchases to place at the begining of your log book.
Notice [.pdf] Notice on how to report changes.
Radioactive waste disposal [.pdf] Log book form to track all radioactive waste generated in the laboratory.
Radioisotope purchase list  [.pdf] Log book form to track radioisotope purchases in the laboratory.
Wipe Test / Radiation Assessment Form [.pdf] Log all wipe tests performed in your laboratory.
Running log [.pdf] Running log form, to keep track of a radioisotope's use in the lab.
Back cover [.pdf] Insert as the binder back page.

Radiation Safety Forms to Acquire an Internal Radiation Permit

Application for McGill internal permit for acquisition and use of radioactive materials. Please print it out, have it signed, and send it to the address or fax # found on the last page.

Note: The Word format form can be saved on a local disk, allowing information to be saved and carried over to be used the following year.

It is a condition of radiation licences and permits that every person designated as either a Radiation User or an Nuclear Energy Worker shall read and understand the relevant sections of the Radiation Safety Manual.

Log air flow measurements in fume hood installations.

Radioisotope inventory form to be used starting September 1st, 2004 to August 31st, 2005.

Annual inventory for for radioactive materials in sealed sources.

Order form for radioisotope purchases (note: We encourage the use of the RAIRweb system for radioisotope purchases and this form should only be used if the system is down for a long period of time).

Decommissioning Report Form

Radioisotope Lab Inspection Running Log Book Form

A wipe test form that calculates the activity into Bq/m2. Instructions on mods given.