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Biohazards Forms

Application to Use Biohazardous Materials

Please note that the turnaround time for approving Application to Use Biohazardous Materials is 7 working days.

Projects involving potentially biohazardous materials should not be commenced without approval. Submit applications to the Environmental Safety Office before 1) starting new projects, 2) renewing existing projects, or 3) changing the nature of the biohazardous materials within existing projects.

Forward the application to Environmental Health and Safety (3610 McTavish, Room 426) for approval.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Please review the SOP if you are handling Lentivirus. Complete page 2 and 9 and submit the SOP with your biohazards application if you have not already.

Biohazards Inventory

Post the completed form wherever biohazardous material is stored or handled.

Autoclave Use and Maintenance

Efficacy monitoring of autoclaves used for decontamination with biological indicators must be done regularly and the records must be kept on file.