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Laboratory Safety Forms

We have grouped in this section all forms relevant to laboratory safety at McGill.

Laboratory Inspection

This section has both McGill and CSST laboratory inspection forms.

Laboration Information

This section has the laboratory information form that must be completed prior to a lab inspection.

Radiation Safety

This section holds the radiation safety forms, plus you can update or cancel your current radioisotope permit online.

Biohazards Forms

Download your application to use biohazardous material, or prepare your inventory.

Lab Audit Form

This online form has been assembled to enable departments in laboratory disciplines to audit their safety program.

Chemical Inventory Excel Template

Chemical Inventory Template.xlsx

Certificate Of Equipment Decontamination

A Certificate of Equipment Decontamination is to be completed and attached to equipment that is being discarded, serviced in-house or sent out for repair

Laboratory Decommissioning and Commissioning Checklists

Occupational Health Post-Exposure Checklists

In the event of an exposure, after immediate first aid is administered please complete the appropriate form before contacting the Occupational Health Program Administrator.