McGill Sustainable Labs Guide for Researchers

Published: 11May2017

**This message is sent on behalf of Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance) and Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) Dear Colleagues,

Isotope suppliers

Updated July 1st, 2007Affinity Labelling Technologies Inc. 235 Bolivar Street Lexington, KY USA, 40508 Phone: (859) 388-9445 Fax: (859) 388-9645American Radiolabelled Chemicals 101 Arc Dr. St.Louis...

Location of radioisotope laboratories at McGill

Location of labs using radioisotopes on the downtown McGill campus Location of labs using radioisotopes on the MacDonald McGill campus

Major spills

Major spills involve more than 100 exemption quantities, or contamination of personnel, or release of volatile material.

Fundamentals of radiation

The atom can be thought of as a system containing a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons which are in orbit around the nucleus....

5. Monitoring

5.1 General Principles...