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Radiation survey meter suppliers

We recommend as a radiation survey meter, a unit that is equipped with an end-window or pancake probe capable of measuring radioactivity in milliroentgen per hour (mR/hr) or both mR/hr and counts...

Using a survey meter

A radiation survey meter is used to detect moderate to high energy beta, gamma and x-ray radiation. This kind of meter is unable to measure low energy radioisotopes like tritium (H-3). The unit is...

Radiation Basics

In order to help the McGill community to better understand radiation issues and to safely work with radioisotopes, Environmental Health & Safety has grouped here useful tools and information.

Fundamentals of radiation

The atom can be thought of as a system containing a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons which are in orbit around the nucleus....

Purchasing Radioisotopes and Meters

At McGill, researchers who wish to purchase radioisotopes need a valid up-to-date McGill Internal Radioisotope Permit. For further details, contact the Radiation safety officer at local 2245....