Fundamentals of radiation

The atom can be thought of as a system containing a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons which are in orbit around the nucleus....

Radiation Basics

In order to help the McGill community to better understand radiation issues and to safely work with radioisotopes, Environmental Health & Safety has grouped here useful tools and information.

Facilities Safety

The Facilities Safety section covers safety issues for McGill employees in charge of maintenance and repairs around the University....

Laboratory Furniture Requirements

Certain government agencies such as the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)and Health Canada recommend impermeable work surfaces and furniture coverings in laboratories handling hazardous...

Forms, Signs & Posters

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Radioisotope Permits

Researchers must possess an internal McGill Radioisotope permit to acquire, store and use radioisotopes at McGill University. To receive a permit, you must complete the Radioisotope Permit...