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Research Exchange Forum

History: In the past, the Research Exchange Forum (REF) was a successful faculty-wide forum to promote and share research. The REF has been renewed and revitalized under the new acronym, reREF.

Purpose: The reREF purpose is to (a) support a research culture within the Faculty of Education and across departments within education; and to (b) provide a forum to promote and discuss the research work of faculty and graduate students from the Faculty of Education and across departments within education.

Explanation: For the re-invigoration of the Research Exchange Forum (reREF), the mandate is as follows:

  • a) provide a regular Faculty-wide forum in which faculty and graduate students can present their research; reREFs are held two to four times per month in the fall and winter terms;
  • b) create an informal environment supportive of collegial exchange. Speakers are invited to present research completed or in progress;
  • c) facilitate interdisciplinary exchange, for instance, through featuring speakers (faculty and/or graduate students) from all three departments within the Faculty of Education as well as speakers and/or panels from related areas (eg. social work, child and youth care, urban planning);
  • d) support PhD and Masters graduate students in developing the skills necessary to share their research as well as develop leadership through co-hosting reREFs.

The reREF supports the mandate of the Education Graduate Students Society by actively involving graduate students in the Faculty's research culture. Further, the re-REF will work in collaboration with various units within and outside of the Faculty of Education (eg., McGill Journal of Education (MJE), Office of Leadership in Community and International Initiatives (LCII), etc.).

Organization: The reREFs are organized and led by the reREF sub-committee, whose members are comprised of: faculty (one who coordinates, one who advises) and graduate students (PhD, MA) drawn from DISE, KPE, and ECP.

Responsibilities: Members of the reREF organizing committee are responsible for (1) developing a schedule of events and populating that schedule with individual and/or panel presentations or workshops put forth by faculty members, graduate students and relevant guests; and (2) promoting the reREF within their respective departments. The reREF committee will meet twice per term (as needed) to organize the logistics of the reREF events.