ABCs of the PHD

ABCs of the PhD

The ABCs of the PhD is a unique professional seminar series sponsored by the Faculty of Education and open to all graduate students at McGill University. It is one of a kind at McGill University as the initiative is run by students for students with the aim to support peers through the PhD journey.

Typically, sessions are held during the academic year and schedules are posted at the beginning of each term. Through Montreal community members, McGill Faculty, Staff, and student guest speakers the seminar series is unique in that it covers topics that you may not find in typical course work (e.g., past topics have included Pursuing Careers Outside of Academia, Managing Your Intellectual Property).

The following sessions will be held in 2016-2017:

Should you have any questions about the session topics or speakers, please feel free to contact Erin.Reid [at] mail.mcgill.caSabrina.Jafralie [at] or Alice.Chan [at]