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About the Faculty of Education

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The Faculty comprises four academic units serving both undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty members not only teach within their respective disciplines but participate in a wide diversity of basic and applied research projects locally, nationally and internationally. Research initiatives inform our teacher training programs educating graduates who enter the classroom as teachers with current, relevant, and optimized professional skill-sets.


Selected research, teaching and other initiatives in the Faculty

  • BEd Kindergarten/Elementary students can choose a French Immersion Major (Pédagogie de l'Immersion Française or “PIF”), which provides additional training in language-teaching pedagogy “en français.” (Integrated Studies in Education)

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  • McGill University Health & Fitness Promotion Laboratory

    Characterizing changes in body composition after bariatric (weight loss) surgery with the use of the GE Lunar iDXA. Male pre-surgery, and 6 months post-surgery having lost over 120 lbs. (Kinesiology & Physical Education)

  • Digital Voices: Indigenous knowledge of rural teachers in South Africa

    This project looks at how rural teachers can use participatory methodologies such as digital storytelling to “make visible” the issues and solutions to addressing the impact of HIV & AIDS on youth.

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  • Bloomberg Manulife Prize

    More than 50% of Canadians are considered physically inactive. The Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health is an annual $50,000 award, given to support research that is having an impact on the health and well-being of North Americans.

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  • What's new in the Education Curriculum Resources Centre?

    Over the past year, the Education Library has transformed into the Education Curriculum Resources Centre. For an update on where the collections are located and how to access services, click on the link below.

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  • Perceptual Neuroscience Lab

    The PNLab assesses perceptual and cognitive processes during both typical and atypical development (i.e., autism spectrum conditions) using a variety of approaches, including eye-tracking. (Educational & Counselling Psychology)

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  • Image of distressed teen

    Self-Injury Outreach and Support

    Between 14-24% of youth self-injure (cut and burn themselves), often as an attempt to cope with overwhelming emotions. More than half never tell an adult. (Educational & Counselling Psychology)

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