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Richard Lynn Studham: a paragon of chivalry

Richard Lynn Studham, professor emeritus in our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, will be displaying his work A Paragon of Chivalry at Galilee Chapel in Durham, England, this autumn. The exhibit will be shown as part of Durham Cathedral's celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. Founded in 1093, Durham Cathedral -which houses Galilee Chapel, is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Published: 20 Jul 2015

ECP's Dr. Bertone tops CIHR competition

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Armando Bertone, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, has been awarded a coveted Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) operating grant for a study entitled Assessing the Development of Elementary and Social Perception in Autism using Behavioural and Electrophysiological Approaches. Dr....

Published: 16 Jul 2015

Positive Parenting cites ECP's Dr. Talwar

The Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology's Dr. Victoria Talwar, Canada Research Chair, was quoted in a recent Positive Parenting article written by Samantha Toweel-Moore, "The Ugly Truth about White Lies". In the article Talwar distinguishes between the societal perception of lies and culturally ritualized stories.

Published: 16 Jul 2015

Canadian Aboriginal Youth in South Africa

Breaking Barriers, Building Connections: Canadian Aboriginal Youth in Global Health

Published: 16 Jul 2015

Success for PÉRISCOPE partnership grant

The Faculty of Education would like to congratulate Professors Alain Breuleux and Susanne Lajoie, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, for the recent success of the large FRQSC partnership grant Actions concertées : Perseverance et réussite scolaires.

Published: 13 Jul 2015

Here's what science says about the treadmill workstation

A recent article with Business Insider Australia profiled Professor Julie Côté, of the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, and her research into treadmill desks and standing workstations.

Published: 13 Jul 2015

Education researchers receive NSERC Discovery grants

The Faculty of Education would like to congratulate the following faculty members on their recent NSERC Discovery grants:

Published: 13 Jul 2015

KPE's Dr. Côté: Taking the pain out of office work

By Katherine Gombay

Published: 7 Jul 2015

Fulbright, Reimagine awards info for students, faculty

Fulbright Program

The Fulbright Program for Canadian Scholars and Students is calling for applicants. 

Awards for Canadian Scholars

Applicants can apply to the:

-Visiting Research Chairs Program: US$25,000 for one semester (4 months)

Published: 7 Jul 2015

ECP's Professor Nathan Hall is Sh#t Academics Say - Read his article about his Twitter account

Dr. Nathan Hall, professor with the Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology and director of the Achievement Motivation and Emotion (AME) Research Group, has written an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education about his parody Twitter account, Shit Academics Say.

Published: 1 Jul 2015

INESSS releases report to Ministry of Health

INESSS (Quebec's National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Science has released two reports with recommendations regarding access to psychotherapy.

Published: 30 Jun 2015

Jamie Kompon (BEd 1989) to coach for Canada at 2015 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge

By Earl Zukerman Published May 20, 2015, McGill Athletics ...

Published: 23 Jun 2015

Graduate students to receive provincial fellowships

The Faculty of Education would like to congratulate the following graduate students on their recent success in the provincial fellowship competitions.Fonds de Recherches Québec - Santé (FRQ-S) Vanessa Bao Iana Bergmame Victoria Doobay Ida Foster Cathryn Gordon Green Amanda Jarrell Megan Knoll Sonia Rahimi Ryan Reid Shalaka Shaw Amanda Sheptycki ...

Published: 18 Jun 2015

Dr. Mitchell co-editor of new book: Being Young in a Neoliberal Time

Claudia Mitchell, James McGill Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), has co-edited the recent publication Being Young in a Neoliberal Time: Transnational Perspectives on Challenges and Possibilities for Resistance and Social Change.

Published: 12 Jun 2015

Multiliteracies Lab for Faculty of Education

McGill's Faculty of Education has received funding to create a dedicated laboratory space that will serve as a hub for multiliteracies practices in the Education building.

Published: 11 Jun 2015