Aziz Choudry, "Defining the Contours of Activist Scholarship in Human Rights," Panel @ HRRN Annual Conference, London


HRRN Annual Conference

Human Right Consortium | School of Advanced Study | University of London

This conference aims to facilitate a productive exchange between scholars and activists, working within the broad interdisciplinary field of human rights, on the epistemological, methodological and ethical challenges in activist scholarship. 

We invite scholars, activists and NGO practitioners to join us for a day-long discussion on the challenges facing activist scholarship from both within and outside including the relationship between knowledge production on human rights and eradication of human rights violations and the role of the scholar in bringing social change. 

The opening panel, "Defining the Contours of Activist Scholarship in Human Rights," will feature Dr Aziz Choudry (Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), McGill University), Professor Donatella Della Porta,  Professor Nadje Al-Ali and Dr Ornette Clennon. For the conference full programme, please click here. 

The conference is organised by the Human Rights Consortium as part of its Human Rights Researchers’ Network (HRRN) event series. The HRRN is a distinctive platform aiming to promote and facilitate research and debate on the issues concerning academics and practitioners engaging in human rights research and activism. 

Date and time:
28 June 2017
08:45 - 17:45

Senate Room 
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU 

For more information, tickets and booking, visit the HRRN Annual Conference WEBSITE