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News - Class of 1974

Name: Sheila Munro
Degree(s): BEd'74
Program: Home Economics
Contact: munro4 [at] eastlink [dot] ca (Email)

News: I graduated from McGill with a Bachelor of Education in Home Economics in 1974. I was one of the first grads from Dawson College (1971) to go to McGill. I started at MacDonald College in 1971 and for 2 years studied the various skill sets required to be a Home Economist. I finished my degree in Education by attending McGill downtown campus for 1 year. I feel very honoured & special to have been allowed to complete my degree as I was the only one in my graduating class to receive it. McGill had made the commitment to my education and there was even one methods class in which I was the only student.

I am about to retire in 2008. I am a well respected educator in the field of home economics and career education in the Province of Nova Scotia. I am currently employed by the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board in NS as a Programs Consultant and I do curriculum development for the Department of Education in the field of Home Economics. It is because of the commitment and quality of education offered at McGill that I have become the educator that I am today. I never hesitate to encourage students to consider McGill as an option after graduating from high school.