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News - Class of 1971

Name: Neysa Rosen Sigler
Degree(s): BA'52, MEd'71
Program: Post Grad Ed, Special Ed
Contact: nsigler [at] cslbc [dot] com (Email)

News: After graduating in Special Ed. I was hired as an Educational Consultant in Psychiatry at the Montreal Children's hospital. My title was Remedial Therapist and my work was very rewarding. After 15 years, I retired when my first grandchild was born. She is presently in her second year of Education at McGill. I now have 11 other grandchildren to whom I am very devoted.

Name: Lorraine Beaton
Degree(s): MEd'71
Program: Counselling Psychology
Contact: labeaton [at] yahoo [dot] ca (Email)

News: My 40 year career has spanned the continent, from Mexico to Northern Quebec's James Bay. I've worked with many cultures as teacher and guidance counsellor and I'm now back in Montreal, working in a big high school in Chateauguay. My husband John is a Cree, working in archeology in the North and our 26 year old son, Nigel, is in the Canadian military. I'm presently battling breast cancer. Life's had its ups and downs but it's been a wonderful adventure so far and I'm looking forward to much more. I would love to hear from alumni from MEd'71.

Lorraine 2007.

Lorraine and husband with son, Nigel, returning from Afghanistan.