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The Bagpiping Busker

Evan Stuart
Evan Stewart became interested in his Scottish roots as a child while attending his sister's Highland dancing. His playing has attracted many tourists and locals who love it - or not

He stands ramrod straight, his cheek bulging out as if part of the bagpipe he plays. But in his mind, Evan Stewart is going places as he busks on Ste. Catherine and Peel Sts.

For starters, there's a trip he hopes to take to Glasgow, Scotland, next month to compete in the World Pipe Band Championships. The coins drop often as he fills the epicentre of multi-ethnic and French Montreal with that most Celtic of sounds, so it may just happen.

"People know (the bagpipe is) hard to play and a lot of people seem impressed," says the 21-year-old recent graduate of McGill University's kinesiology program.

Stewart, a licensed busker who is also a server at Ye Olde Orchard Pub and Grill downtown, has become a fixture on the street corner most sunny days this summer.

MAX HARROLD, The Gazette
Published: Sunday, July 06

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