Reappointments, Leaves and Key Dates

Please refer to the following documents and links for procedures concerning:

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More Information, Key Dates

Tenure-track Reappointments
Academic Personnel Office
Tenure-track Promotions
Academic Personel Office

Sabbatic Leaves Academic Personel Office

Paid Leaves Academic Personel Office

Maternity-parental leaves Academic Personel Office
Unpaid Leaves Academic Personel Office

Non-tenure Reappointments

Academic Administrative Reappointments

Tenure Committee Selection

Emeritus Professorships Secretariat
Honorary Doctorate Secretariat
Performance Dialogues HR Performance Dialogue

Principal's Prizes (Excellence in Teaching and Learning)

Teaching and Learning Services
Principal's Award for Administrative & Support Staff Principal's Award for Administrative & Support Staff
Work Study Program Student Aid
Subcommittee on Courses and Teaching Programs (SCTP) SCTP


For more information for Faculty and Staff please see McGill's Human Resources website.