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Official Start/End Times

Official start/end times for all course activities

It is the official policy of the University for course activities (e.g., tutorials, lectures, midterms, etc.) to start five minutes after the hour and end five minutes earlier.

Note: The class period is 50 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but on Tuesdays and Thursdays the class period is 80 minutes.

Please keep in mind that this also applies to tests.

Course activity regulation time slots

If you schedule a course activity or any other function out of the regulation time slots (see below) your chances of finding a suitable room decreases.

Two- (2) or three- (3) hour-long course activities do not receive the same priority as regulation scheduled course activities.

The following time slots must be strictly adhered to when scheduling courses:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
(Starting at 8:30 am with one-hour time slots)

Start Time End Time
08:35 09:25
09:35 10:25
10:35 11:25
11:35 12:25
12:35 13:25
13:35 14:25
14:35 15:25
15:35 16:25
16:35 17:25

Tuesday and Thursday:
(Starting at 8:30 am with one-and-one-half-hour time slots)

Start Time End Time
08:35 09:55
10:05 11:25
11:35 12:55
13:05 14:25
14:35 15:55
16:05 17:25