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Faculty of Education Room Booking Services

    Please be sure to make room booking requests at least three working days in advance of the date that the room is required.

    In order to use a classroom in any building on campus during the fall, winter and summer sessions, Education staff and students must submit a Room Request Form. This form is also to be used by non-Education students booking a room for an activity related to an Education course.

      Rooms not officially booked by the Student Affairs Office will not appear on the main University room booking system.

      Rules and Procedures

      • During the months of September and January, responses to these requests may take more time due to adjustments being done on the course timetable, which has priority.
      • All requests for rooms for course(s) (lectures/tutorials/labs) should be submitted through your Departmental Class Schedule Coordinator. This will ensure that Minerva and the official room booking system are up to date and rooms are not appearing booked when in fact they are free or vice versa.
      • The Room Request Form is also required in order to reserve a room, or the Education Lobby for a Faculty Event (i.e. conference, seminar, social) Reservations for rooms during Silent Hours (i.e. holidays and weekends) will be forwarded to Ms. Patricia Jackson, Assistant to the Building Director.
      • Room requests for non-education activities, groups, clubs or associations must be made directly to Event Booking Services.

      Please note:

      • If a room appears vacant one day or week, do not assume it will be available the following day or week.
      • If you decide to use a room without making an official booking, you will be asked to leave the room.
      • Food and beverages are not permitted in any classroom. Rooms must be left in their original condition. If a room is found in disarray after a booking, you may be liable for cleaning services.