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Registration for Newly Admitted Students

Students are urged to register for both the fall and winter semesters as soon as registration opens.

Please refer to the Faculty of Education section of McGill's Welcome Book for a complete listing of course requirements.

Contact the Student Affairs Office or your academic adviser, if you need any assistance.

Important Notice for all Students

Students are responsible for being aware of all regulations and deadlines as published in the E-Calendar.

Minerva does not necessarily prevent students from registering for courses that they should not take. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of prerequisites, co-requisites, restrictions, and faculty regulations that apply to the courses in which they register.

Registration Checklist

  1. Refer to the program information and course requirements as listed in the E-Calendar.

    The E-Calendar clearly outlines the plan of study for each program for each semester. The programs are very structured, therefore any change to the sequence of required courses as indicated in the University Calendar should only be done after consultation with your adviser.

    Note (Freshman Year Students): Students who have not completed Quebec CEGEP or other university level courses are admitted into Year O, the Freshman Year. Some information for freshman students is available on the SAO's Freshman Year page.

  2. Plan your fall and winter schedule.

    Refer to the E-Calendar advising material for New Students, and the Minerva Class Schedule for dates and times of classes, information about enrolment restrictions, and departmental approval prerequisites.

  3. Obtain departmental approvals for enrolment-restricted courses (if necessary).

  4. Register on Minerva during the registration period also indicated on the Minerva.

    As some courses are limited by program, you must first ensure that your program information on Minerva is accurate and up to date. Many courses are limited by enrolment, it is essential that you register as early as possible. If you have any problems registering please contact the “Help Desk”, and/or the Faculty Student Affairs Office.

    Reminder: Any time you update your record on Minerva, i.e. add or drop a course, change section of a course, etc., you should check your transcript to ensure that any changes have been processed correctly!

  5. Attend one of the Advising Sessions

    Your academic adviser will be able to answer any questions you may have about specific courses or assistance with your program.

  6. Update your sessional telephone number on Minerva.

  7. Update your mailing and home addresses on Minerva.

  8. Pay your tuition fees.

    Your deadline will be indicated on the fee statement. You may also check your balance on Minerva.

  9. Attend the University orientation, Discover McGill, and Faculty Orientation in August.

Field Experience

Students in the BEd programs must submit the Placement Forms for their next Field Experience course to the Office of Student Teaching (OST).

Students will not be placed in a school until they are officially registered and have submitted the Placement Form to the OST by August 31.