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Freshman (UO) Students

Students whose highest level of education is high school are admitted into Year 0 (U0), the Freshman Year.

The Freshman (U0) year is followed by Year 1 (U1) when you will take the Year 1 courses for your Bachelor of Education program,  or the Year 1 courses for the Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology).

Advanced standing  of up to 30 credits may be granted to students who obtain satisfactory results in International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Advanced Levels, and Advanced Placement results.  Students who are given 24 credits or more of advanced standing credits are no longer in U0 and may be able to follow the U1 program – consult with your advisers.

Note: If you expect to receive credit or exemption from any course, you should not register for those courses, as you will not receive credit twice for any course deemed to be equivalent.

Summer English Second Language Course
If English is not your first language, you may want to use the summer to improve your language skills.  More information about the ESL summer course CESL 299  is available through the McGill Writing Centre.

International Students in Bachelor of Education programs

In addition to the CAQ and Study Permit, International students in Bachelor of Education programs must obtain a Co-op/Internship Work Permit issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as a requirement for the mandatory Field Experiences. Consult the Office of Student Teaching website for instructions and International Student Services for more information about the permit application.

The Education Student Affairs Office will provide you with the letter that is required from your institution as part of the application process. Email your request using your McGill email address and be sure to provide your McGill ID number.

It is important to begin the process of obtaining the Work Permit (Internship) as soon as you accept the offer of admission, as it requires a medical exam, and in the past has taken up to 3 months for CIC to process the application.

Course Selection (Fall and Winter terms)

Bachelor of Education - Freshman

Course Selection
Freshman students entering a B Ed program do not have a defined set of courses that they must take but should always select from courses at the 100 or 200 level. Courses with course numbers between 100 and 199 are 100 level courses (e.g. ATOC 181); courses with course numbers between 200 and 299 are  200 level courses (e.g. HIST 206).

Language courses
The freshman year is an excellent opportunity to take language courses. Language courses are offered by the Faculty of Arts and usually require a placement test. The French Language Centre organizes the  placement tests for French Second Language courses. For other language courses, contact the the language departments in the Faculty of Arts directly to see if a placement test is required.

First Year Seminar Courses
First year students in a Bachelor of Education program may wish to consider a First Year Seminar course offered by the Faculty of Arts. These can be identified on Minerva by searching on the class schedule by faculty (Arts) and the Course Number 199.

Additional Course Selection Information for B ED programs.
Refer to  the Freshman U0  information for your  program.  

Physical and Health Education

Kindergarten and Elementary

Secondary (English, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science Technology)

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

B Mus/ B ED

Bachelor of Science ( Kinesiology) Freshman

Freshman students entering U0 of the B Sc Kinesiology must take basic science courses as prerequisites for higher level courses.
Specific information is available here.

Registration and Advising

  • Advising for students admitted into the Freshman Year will be held during Orientation Week or by e-mail or appointment. Refer to the information for your program to determine how to meet with or contact your adviser.
  • Register for your fall and winter term courses when registration opens.

Course Change
If necessary, you can make changes on Minerva to your course registration until the course change deadline for each term. See Important Dates for dates and deadlines.