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Advanced Standing and Transfer Credits for Newly Admitted Students

Students who have completed courses at another accredited university/college or who have written AP, IB,  A level, or French Baccalaureate examinations may be eligible for transfer credits which can be counted towards a McGill degree.

  • Transfer credits for newly admitted studentls will be assessed and entered on the transcript by the Admissions Office.  After the assessment, students will be able to view the transfer credits on their unofficial transcript on minerva.
  • Students who have advanced standing/transfer credits should register in the courses indicated for Year 1 and then confirm their course selection with a program adviser in their department.
  • Students who have any questions about their transfer credits should contact their program adviser as soon as possible.
  • Students must request any changes to their advanced standing (with any necessary transcripts) by the end of the first term of their first year (December). Late record changes require supporting documentation explaining why the request was not made in the term of admission. Late requests will be assessed by the Student Affairs Office, and a fee will be charged for changes. See "Changes to Student Record after Normal Deadlines" in the University Program Calendar for more information.

Note: Courses taken more than 5 years before the time of admission are not permitted in subjects where there have been substantial content changes, nor in any pedagogy courses specific to the Quebec K-11 curriculum. Courses more than 5 years old in other subject areas may be considered on an individual subject basis by the program director.

Note: A minimum of 60 credits must be completed at McGill in order to qualify for a McGill degree

Transfer Credit Self Assessment (Unofficial)

To estimate (unofficially) how many transfer credits might be granted, students can access the following resources:

  • General transfer credit information and specific information about transfer credits for Ap, IB, A leve, or French Baccalaureate

McGill Student Information website

  •  Established equivalences for students who have taken  Math and Science courses at other universities or at CEGEP

Basic Math and Sciences Course Equivalence Table

  • Established equivalences for students who have taken Education or Kinesiology  courses  at another university

Education Equivalencies.pdf

  • In addition to using the equivalence tables, students can use the Program Checklist/Profile to match what they have taken at another university to the requirements of their program.

Program Checklists/Profiles