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FAQ - Examinations

Q: I missed a final exam because I was sick.
What can I do?

  • A: A student who misses an exam due to a valid reason (medical or family emergencies), may apply for a deferred examination.
  • The Deferred Examination Application is available on the Student Menu on Minerva. You must provide the Student Affairs Office with supporting documentation.
  • The application deadlines are January 15 for Fall term courses and May 15 for Winter and spanned term courses.
  • The deferred exam schedule is available on line at the Exam Office.
  • It is up to the student to verify the schedule for the dates and times and locations of an approved deferred exam(s).
  • If a student does not write a deferred examination after receiving permission to do so, a final grade of J ( failure as a result of absence) will be recorded for the course.

Q: I didn’t do well on my final exam. Can I re-write the exam?

  • A: Normally, all courses having formal final examinations (including take-home examinations and examinations invigilated in the department) must have supplemental examinations.
  • There is a non refundable supplemental application fee. Information can be found at the following website Exam Office.
  • As a rule, all the examinable material in the course is subject to examination in the supplemental.
  • Students who receive a mark of D, F, J or U in a course may apply on Minerva (Student Records Menu) to write the supplemental examination, provided that they are in a position to improve on their original mark and are eligible for supplemental privileges.
  • Students in unsatisfactory standing are not normally permitted to write a supplemental.
  • The supplemental examination will carry at least the same weight in the calculation of the supplemental mark as the final exam carried in the calculation of the original grade. The supplemental exam may, of course, count for 100% of the supplemental mark.
  • The format of the supplemental exam may differ from the format of the exam for the course; students should consult the course outline or contact the course professor re the format and the weight of the exam.
  • Supplemental marks are entered on the student's record separately from, and do not replace, the original mark of D, F, J or U. Both the initial grade and the supplemental grade will be counted in the CGPA.
  • The deadlines for applications for supplementals can be found at the following website Exam Office.
  • Except with special permission from the Executive Director, Student Affairs, the maximum number of credits allowed in a supplemental examination period is 8 credits. Students should lighten their course load, where possible, to accommodate the extra work involved in preparing for supplementals.
  • A student who does not intend to write a supplemental examination after receiving permission to do so, does not need to withdraw or cancel  the application formally. No record of the application appears on the student's academic record.
  • If a student does not write a supplemental examination after receiving permission to do so, the application fee will not be refunded.
  • No supplemental examinations are available to students who fail to achieve satisfactory grades in a a deferred examination.

Q: What do I do if I have an exam scheduled during my Field Experience?

Q: I have an exam on a religious holiday. What should I do?

  • A: Please refer to the Exam Office  for more information.

Q: I have three exams in two days. Is that a conflict?

  • A: Please refer to the Exam Office for more information.