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FAQ - Applying: Prospective Students

Q: I am thinking about coming to McGill.
Is there anyone I can speak to?

A: The Welcome Centre is a good place to learn about life at McGill. They can set up tours and even arrange for you to sit in on classes. They will also answer questions regarding admission to the university.

For more information visit McGill's prospective students website.

Tel.: 514-398-6555 
Email: welcome [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Q: Where can I find information on applying to McGill University?

A: Information regarding admission can be found at the McGill University website.

You can also contact the Admissions Office.

Q: I am interested in applying to McGill for the January session. I was told, however, that the Faculty of Education does not accept applications for the Winter term. Can I take a few classes in January?

A: The Faculty of Education does not accept applicants for January admission.

Students interested in taking courses during the winter term in preparation for application for Fall admission can refer to courses offered through the McGill School of Continuing Studies, or courses available at other institutions that could be considered for advanced standing.

Courses taken in this manner should be in the academic area in which they wish to specialize, i.e. English, Mathematics, Geography, etc.

Q: Is it possible to transfer into Education after a year of study in another Faculty?

A: Yes, students from other faculties, with a minimum CGPA of 3.0, can apply to transfer into a program in the Faculty of Education.

The deadline to apply on Minerva is June 1 for a transfer effective the following Fall term. It is not possible to transfer into Education for the Winter term.

Q: I was in a BEd or BSc Kinesiology program a few years ago but didn’t complete my degree. Can I come back to finish it?

A: If you were a student in the McGill BEd or BSc Kin program but didn’t finish, you may apply for re-admission to the Faculty. The deadline to apply on Minerva for September readmission is July 1st.

Note: When undergraduate programs have been revised, students are readmitted into the current version of the program. Students will be considered for readmission only to programs currently open for admission to new students.

Q: If I already have a degree, would my application for a Bachelor of Education go through the undergraduate application section?

A: Yes, you would apply on-line as an undergraduate student. You might also be interested in the Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning. If you apply to this program, you would apply on-line as a graduate student.

Q: Does McGill offer a 1 year teaching certification program for people who already have a degree?

A: Please refer to the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning.

Q: I do not have a university degree or CEGEP diploma, can I apply as a Mature student?

A: Please refer to McGill's admission requirements and procedures information.

Q: If I already took courses at another University or have a previous degree will I be able to transfer credits?

A: Decisions regarding advanced standing are made by Enrolment Services after having reviewed the applicant's relevant official documents. Students must complete a minimum of 60 credits at McGill in order to receive a McGill Undergraduate degree.

Q: Is it possible to complete my degree part-time?

A: Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Education are expected to follow their program on a full time basis. There is a 5-year time limit to complete an undergraduate B.Ed. degree and a 4-year time limit to complete the B.Sc. Kinesiology degree.