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Scholarships and Awards


Dean's Honour List

The Dean's Honour List for graduating students is awarded to the top 10% of the graduating class in the Faculty of Education and is based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

The Dean's Honour List for non-graduating students is awarded to the top 10% and is based on the sessional GPA (fall and winter terms combined).

Study Away, Exchange and Quebec Inter-University Transfer

Students registered in the Faculty of Education have the opportunity to study at another university for one term (fall or winter), or one academic year (fall and winter).

Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT)

  • Students who are in satisfactory standing may, with permission of the Faculty, register at any Quebec university for three (3), or exceptionally six (6), credits per term.
  • Credit is only granted for courses passed with a grade of C or better.

Graduation and Convocation

The Application for Graduation is available on Minerva for students who are registered for their final year.

Please refer to the Student Information web site for information on Graduation and Diploma which provides you with information on:

  • Applying to Graduate
  • Personal Information Update process
  • Convocation Information and advice
  • Diploma information

In order to graduate, students must complete all faculty and p


Please do not make travel arrangements to leave Montreal prior to the scheduled end of any examination period.

  • Examinations: Schedules, Information about Conflicts, Deferred and Supplemental exams
  • Note: Students who have a scheduled examination during a Field Experience must take the exam as scheduled and inform the Office of Student Teaching and their cooperating teacher.

Undergraduate Programs in Education

    The Academic Units of the Faculty of Education offer a variety of programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology). Refer to the eCalendar for the most up-to-date program information.

    Bachelor of Education

    This program consists of academic and professional courses, as well as studies in pedagogy and educational foundations. Students must complete a minimum of five years of study (150 credits) in order to be eligible for a BEd degree.

    English Language Requirement

    English Exam for Teacher Certification (EETC) (Course Number EDEC 215 / EDTL 515)

    The Quebec Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS), and the Faculty of Education require that all students in teacher education programs demonstrate their proficiency in the language of instruction. To fulfil this obligation, all students newly admitted into Year 1 of the BEd programs (except TFSL) are required to write the English Exam for Teacher Certification (EETC) during the fall term of their first year in the program.

    FAQ - Programs and Courses

    Q: What programs are offered by the Faculty of Education?

    The Faculty of Education offers three different kinds of programs.

    Registration for Newly Admitted Students

    Important Notice for all Students

    • Students are responsible for being aware of all regulations and deadlines as published in the eCalendar and aware of deadlines as published at Important Dates.
    • Undergraduate  programs in the Faculty of Education are full time (normally 4 or 5 courses per term). Students are not permitted to attend part time.
    • Classes are normally held between 8:25 and 5:25.