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Regulations Concerning Withdrawals

  • A course withdrawal means you have chosen to discontinue one or more courses.
  • A University withdrawal means you have chosen to discontinue your entire term or year of studies.
  • Students who drop their last Fall or Winter course by the end of the add/drop period of that term are considered withdrawn from the University.

Inter/Intra Faculty Transfers and Readmission

Inter-Faculty Transfer

Students currently registered in a degree at McGill (and who will not be graduating), can apply to transfer to a different faculty degree program.

  • For September Admission only the application period is from
    March 1st - June 1st.
  • Applications must be made on Minerva.
  • Students applying to the B.Ed. Kindergarten/Elementary PIF option must pass the French Language Proficiency Test.

Policies for Students

Student Rights and Responsibilities

 The Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities is the official souce of information about your personal and academic rights and responibilities.

Academic Integrity

As a McGill student, you are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations concerning academic honesty.

Perhaps more important, it is also your responsibility to help maintain the academic integrity of the University.

FAQ - Applying: Prospective Students

Q: I am thinking about coming to McGill.
Is there anyone I can speak to?

A: The Welcome Centre is a good place to learn about life at McGill. They can set up tours and even arrange for you to sit in on classes. They will also answer questions regarding admission to the university.

For more information visit McGill's prospective students website.

Tel.: 514-398-6555 
Email: welcome [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Freshman (UO) Students

Students whose highest level of education is high school are admitted into Year 0 (U0), the Freshman Year.

The Freshman (U0) year is followed by Year 1 (U1) when you will take the Year 1 courses for your Bachelor of Education program,  or the Year 1 courses for the Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology).

Advanced standing  of up to 30 credits may be granted to students who obtain satisfactory results in International Baccalaureate, French Baccalaureate, Advanced Levels, and Advanced Placement res

Registration for Currently Registered Students

All students should refer to the Minerva web site to register, access and maintain important information, and complete administrative requirements.

Scholarships and Awards


Dean's Honour List

The Dean's Honour List for graduating students is awarded to the top 10% of the graduating class in the Faculty of Education and is based on the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

The Dean's Honour List for non-graduating students is awarded to the top 10% and is based on the sessional GPA (fall and winter terms combined).


  • Faculty scholarships and awards are awarded by the Faculty Scholarships Committee.
  • Please consult the appropria

Study Away, Exchange and Quebec Inter-University Transfer

Students registered in the Faculty of Education have the opportunity to study at another university for one term (fall or winter), or one academic year (fall and winter).

Quebec Inter-University Transfer (IUT)

  • Students who are in satisfactory standing may, with permission of the Faculty, register at any Quebec university for three (3), or exceptionally six (6), credits per term.
  • Credit is only granted for courses passed with a grade of C or better.

Graduation and Convocation

The Application for Graduation is available on Minerva for students who are registered for their final year.

Please refer to the Student Information web site for information on Graduation and Diploma which provides you with information on:

  • Applying to Graduate
  • Personal Information Update process
  • Convocation Information and advice
  • Diploma information

In order to graduate, students must complete all faculty and p