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Selected Publications on recent works

Côté JN (2014) Adaptations to neck/shoulder fatigue and injury. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 826: 205-28.

Fedorowich L, Emery K, Gervasi B, Côté JN (2013) Gender differences in neck/shoulder muscular patterns in response to repetitive motion induced fatigue. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology 23(5): 1183-9.

Antle DM, Côté JN (2013) Relationships between lower limb and trunk discomfort and vascular, muscular and kinetic outcomes during stationary standing work. Gait and Posture 37(4): 615-9.

Johansen TI, Samani A, Antle D, Côté JN, Madeleine PM (2013) Gender effects on the coordination of subdivisions of the trapezius muscle during a repetitive box-folding task. European Journal of Applied Physiology 113(1): 175-82.


For more details, visit Dr. Côté’s ResearchGate page.