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Assessment Materials Resource Centre

The primary role of the ECP Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) is to provide graduate students from the School Applied/Child Psychology and Counselling Psychology programs with access to standardized materials for use in course and clinic work. The AMRC serves as a 'loan collection' whereby measures can be loaned to individual students as part of their course requirements. Read more under "Access" for access and use guidelines for the Centre's resources.

Students receive an introduction to tests of cognitive abilities, aptitude, personality, and interests, including the acquisition of basic skills needed to administer and interpret individual tests. In some programs students are expected to operate autonomously to conduct full client assessments or client counselling sessions in our ECP Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic.

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Access & use guidelines

  • Resource Centre holdings may be used only by graduate students who pay the user fee for their course (listed in our "User Fees" section below) and to ECP instructors who are currently teaching specific testing courses for the Department.
  • Due to the high usage of measures and consumables for in-course training purposes, Resource Centre materials are reserved for course or clinic work only. Students and researchers (including Faculty members) will not be granted access to any Resource Centre materials for personal research projects.
  • Materials and consumables (e.g. response/scoring/template forms, protocols, etc.) are NOT available to students working at internship sites as these sites should be supplying all necessary materials. If this is not the case, we advise you to speak to your course instructor or Faculty Internship Coordinator.
  • PLEASE DO NOT make photocopies of task consumables, measures or manuals. This violates copyright laws.


Please be advised that these Resource Centre hours outined below apply only to the Fall and Winter academic terms. Please check the schedule regularly for amendments. Students and instructors will be informed in advance of Resource Centre closures. To facilitate the proper functioning of the Centre, students are kindly asked to pick up and return items during the hours specified below. It is important that to plan ahead to ensure access to the Resource Centre Materials. Note: you can pick up consumables/protocols in both the morning and afternoon Resource Centre hours.

During the summer the Assessment Materials Resource Centre is accessible only by appointment. Please ecp-amrc [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) for a pick-up or a drop-off time.  


*If you will be returning materials on a Friday please indicate whether it will be returned during the morning or afternoon hours in your initial reservation email. (See 'Reservations' section below)

User fees

Students who use the Resource Centre are required to pay a user fee. One hundred percent of the user fees go directly towards maintaining up-to-date holdings for student use. Any additional expenses are met by the department or by donations.
When you register for one of the courses listed in the table below, a charge will be applied to your student account. This user fee covers both a general library access fee as well as all the consumables that you will require throughout your course. For specific information about the tests covered in your courses, please refer to your course outline or contact your course instructor. Please note that the cost of consumables for the School Psychology sections of EDPC 682D1, EDPC 682D2, EDPE 625 and EDPE 626 are subsidized by the ECP Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic due to the fact that student's in this course provide services to real clients in the Clinic who are charged for services rendered.

ProgramDegree/YearTerm   Course Number
Course Title
Counselling Psychology     MA/1 Fall EDPC 662  001/002  Career Psychology 3 $58.48  
Counselling Psychology MA/1 Winter    EDPC 609  001/002 Psychological Testing 1 3 $24.62  
Counselling Psychology MA/2 Fall or Winter EDPC 683  001 Practicum in Psychological Testing: Personality Assessment 3 $111.83  
Counselling Psychology          MA/2 Fall or Winter EDPC 684  001 Practicum in Psychological Testing: Cognitive Assessment        3 $82.59
School Psychology MA/1 Fall EDPC 609  001 Psychological Testing 1 3 $86.18  
School Psychology MA/1 Winter EDPC 610  001 Psychological Testing 2 3 $90.29  
School Psychology MA/2 Fall EDPC 682D1 003 Practicum: Psychological Testing 3 $61.56  
School Psychology MA/2 Winter EDPC 682D2 003 Practicum: Psychological Testing 3 $61.56  
School Psychology PhD/1 Fall EDPE 625  001 Practicum 1: School Psychology 3 $61.56  
School Psychology PhD/1 Winter EDPE 626  001 Practicum 2: School Psychology 3 $61.56  

* For any students in financial difficulty who are unable to make the required payments outlined above, please visit the Financial Aid section of our Fellowships, funding & financial aid page. 

Reservation procedures

Reservations Procedures for checking out and returning test measures:

  • To reserve a testing kit or manual, please send an ecp-amrc [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) request, at least 2 business days in advance of your expected pick-up date, with the details of your reservation:
    • Name of the item(s)
    • Related consumable(s) if required (and quantity)
    • Pick-Up Date
    • Return Date (If returning on a Friday, please indicate whether it will be during morning or afternoon hours.)
  • Reservations should be made at least two days prior to the anticipated pick up. Items can be only taken out for a maximum of 3 working days. Reservations will only be taken by email.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your item has been reserved. Reservation emails sent over the weekend will be taken care of on Monday. Please allow for a 1-day delay in receiving your confirmation email.
  • Measures can be collected at the Assessment Materials Resource Centre during the indicated pick-up hours (see the schedule above). At this time, the student and the Resource Centre Coordinator will complete and sign an inventory checklist ensuring the presence of all kit items of the respective test. This procedure ensures that tests remain intact and that any missing components, or misuse of materials (i.e. writing in manuals, coffee stains, etc.) may be dealt with accordingly and in a timely manner.
  • Test Kits and manuals must be returned during the scheduled 'return' hours indicated on the schedule above. It is extremely important to return ALL measures on time due to the high demand for materials and the respective deadlines of your fellow students. Items returned late are subject to a $30 fine. Assessment Materials Resource Centre privileges may also be suspended for repeated late returns.
  • If, for any unforeseen reason, you are unable to return your item by the due date, please contact the Resource Centre Coordinator at (514) 398-4363 or one of the other departmental staff members at (514) 398-4242, so that any waiting students may be advised.
  • Renewals are to be requested via ecp-amrc [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email)
  • 24 hours before the due date, you will get a confirmation email, detailing whether the renewal is possible, or whether another student has reserved the item. Do not assume that your item has been renewed until you have received your confirmation email.


  • It is the responsibility of the student who has signed out the measure to ensure that it is returned in the exact condition it was loaned. Students are liable for the cost of any replacement items
  • Test kits may not be separated.
  • Test kits may not be passed on directly to other borrowers.
  • Test kits may not be returned to the Assessment Materials Resource Centre by anyone other than the original borrower.
  • A limit of 2 kits and 1 other test may be borrowed at any one time for a period of THREE WORKING DAYS.
  • Only Counselling Psychology students enrolled in their second year of the Master's (non-thesis) Professoinal Internship Concentration (MA2 Professional Internship ONLY), may borrow materials for up to six days should they require the material for their courses.
  • Scoring keys can be borrowed on a 2-hour basis only. 2-hour reserves should not be taken out of the building.
  • Only students working in the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic have borrowing privileges between May 1 to July 25.

    Materials Available on Reserve at the Education Library (1st Floor)

     There are some assessment materials available for 3 hour loans at the Education Library on the first floor of the Education Building. To reserve a manual, you do not have to give any advanced notice, just go to the library when you have spare time and pick up a manual during the hours of operation. To access these materials, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to http://www.mcgill.ca/library/find/courses/course-reserves
    2. Click on Search Course Reserves
    3. Search for 000-005-EDUC as a course number
    5. Check the "Copies Owned/Out" column to see if the manual is currently available or on loan
    6. Go to the Education Library and ask the receptionist for the manual

    AMRC Committee

    The role of the Assessment Materials Resource Centre Committee is to ensure that the Resource Centre's administration, both in service to its users and availability of tests, is maintained at the highest standard possible. The Committee meets a minimum of twice a year where important issues relating to the Resource Centre are discussed. While feedback or questions relating to the Resource Center are welcomed at all times, more formal requests, comments, or concerns can be brought forward during one of these meetings by contacting your respective Student Representative. Students who are not Representatives are also welcome to attend these meetings; we simply ask that you please advise us in advance of your intention to attend by contacting members of the Assessment Materials Resource Centre Committee, as below:

    Dr. Annett Koerner - Chair of Assessment Materials Resource Centre Committee
    Dr. Armando Bertone â€“ School/Applied Child Psychology Faculty Representative
    Dr. Jack De Stefano - Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic Director
    Ms. Samantha Ryan - ECP Administrative Officer
    Ms. Rachael Muncaster - Assessment Materials Resource Centre Coordinator 
    Ms. Samira Moumne - School/Applied Child Psychology PhD Student Representative
    Ms. Gillian Klassen - School/Applied Child Psychology MA Student Representative
    Ms. Danielle Brosseau - Counselling Psychology PhD Student Representative
    Ms. Katrina Shaw - Counselling Psychology MA Student Representative
    Mr. Michael Berry - Counselling Psychology MA Student Representative



    For questions or comments please contact:

    Rachael Muncaster
    Assessment Materials Resource Centre Coordinator
    (514) 398-4363
    ecp-amrc [dot] education [at] mcgill [dot] ca


    Education Bldg, Room 614G
    3700 McTavish Street
    Montreal, Quebec
    H3A 1Y2