Counselling Psychology Faculty

The following is a listing of core faculty members in the Counselling Psychology program. For a complete list of all faculty and their supervisory areas please consult the ECP faculty listing

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Jack De Stefano

Jack De Stefano

McGill Psychoeducational & Counselling Clinic Director; Faculty Lecturer

514-398-2514 | Email | Profile

Process research, common factors in psychotherapy, development of clinical skills, training of clinicians and clinical supervision.

Note: Does not supervise research.

Dr. Martin Drapeau

Martin Drapeau

Associate Professor

514-398-4904 | Email | Profile

Psychotherapy process and outcome, best practices in psychology, knowledge translation and dissemination, access to psychological services.

Research website: McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group (MPPRG)

Marilyn Fitzpatrick

Marilyn Fitzpatrick

Graduate Program Director


514-398-3476 | Email | Profile

Psychotherapy change processes, progress or outcomes monitoring in psychotherapy, values clarification in therapy.

Research website: McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group (MPPRG)

Bassam Khoury

Assistant Professor

Email | Profile


Mindfulness theory and practices; clinical, social, and cognitive applications of mindfulness; process, outcomes, and effectiveness of meditation and mindfulness-based treatments; systematic reviews and meta-analyses.

Dr. Annett Korner

Annett Körner 

Associate Professor

514-398-2481 | Email | Profile

Clinical and health psychology, in particular the development and evaluation of psychosocial interventions for individuals diagnosed with chronic and/or life-threatening medical conditions.

Research website: Health Psychology Research Group

Marie-Hélène Pennestri

Assistant Professor

marie-helene [dot] pennestri [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) | Profile

Development and consolidation of the sleep-wake cycle in infants and children, parental expectations related to sleep, sleep disorders (children and adults), child development, attachment, polysomnography, autonomic nervous system, heart rate variability, mental health, premature birth.

Ada Sinacore

Ada Sinacore

Associate Professor

514-398-3446 | ada [dot] sinacore [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) | Profile

Cultural transitioning and adjustment in immigrant populations, social justice theories and practice, gender-based violence and bullying.

Other Academic Staff

Associate Members

(Please note Associate Members and Adjunct Professors can co-supervise Graduate Students but another core Faculty member must be listed as primary supervisor.)

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Marina Milyavskaya

Adjunct Professor

marina [dot] milyavskaya [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) | Profile

Motivation, goal pursuit, self-regulation/self-control, temptation, well-being, positive psychology, close relationships.

Vera Romano, Ph.D.

Clinical Director and Director of Training Program, McGill Counselling Services


vera [dot] romano [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) | Website

Process research; common factors in psychotherapy; psychotherapy integration, training of clinicians and clinical supervision; client progress monitoring, clinical applications of attachment theory, mindfulness and self compassion in the therapeutic process.

Brett D. Thombs, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

514-340-8222 ext. 5112

brett [dot] thombs [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email) | Website

Focus on identifying and assessing key problems faced by patients dealing with medical illness and on determining mental health and behavioural intervention paradigms that are likely to improve patients' health and well-being.

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