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School/Applied Child Psychology

School/Applied Child Psychology handbook, forms & guidelines

This pages contains resources for current School/Applied Child Psychology students. Referee? Please visit the Referees page for forms and instructions.


The School/Applied Child Psychology Program Handbook is a student's first and most important resource during their studies in our program. It contains all the important information on student evaluation, practicum/internships, contact information, and required program-related forms.


School/Applied Child Psychology courses & timetables

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All levels

Students admitted in FALL 2014 and prior should follow the recommended progression through the M.A. or Ph.D. program below (click on photo to enlarge)

School/Applied Child Psychology faculty

The following is a listing of faculty members in the School/Applied Child Psychology program. All academic staff.

Seeking a Research Assistantship? Please visit our Working page in the Current Students section of our website.

Practicum - Ph.D. Students in School/Applied Child Psychology

Overview of the School Psychology Clinic Practicum

The clinic practicum provides students an opportunity to work with clients exhibiting learning, behavioral and/or emotional problems. This practicum is completed in the Department's Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic (1B Level, Education Building).

The Clinic Practicum is coordinated and supervised by a member of the School/Applied Child Psychology core staff. At times, an adjunct faculty member may assist the supervisor.

School/Applied Child Psychology

Welcome! This is the main source of information for current and future students of the School/Applied Child Psychology program. For general information about the program, please read the program overview.

School/Applied Psychology faculty

Prospective Students

Program overview