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M.A. in Economics


The Ph.D program is normally open only to holders of an M.A. in Economics. Successful completion of the McGill M.A. does not automatically qualify students for admission to the PhD. McGill M.A. students must make formal application to the Graduate Admissions Committee. McGill M.A. students hoping to enter the McGill Ph.D program should take

ECON 610 Microeconomic Theory 1,
ECON 611 Microeconomic Theory 2,
ECON 620 Macroeconomic Theory 1,

Graduate Program

Studying Economics

McGill offers both M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Economics (do not apply to a thesis and a non-thesis master's program within the same academic unit as two separate choices. Select only one program and you can request a change at a later date). Between 20 and 30 students per year register for the M.A. program, and ten or so for the Ph.D. program. M.A.