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2013-2014 Seminars

Winter 2014

February 2014Speaker and TitleOrganizer
Friday, Feb. 21
3:30, L429
Moritz Kuhn (U Bonn, visiting U Minnesota)
"Earnings losses and labor mobility over the lifecycle"
M. Poschke
Friday, Feb. 28

2012-2013 Seminars

Winter 2013

March 2013 Speaker and Title Organizer
Friday, March 1
3:30, L429
Peter Howitt (Brown)
"How Inflation Affects Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Investigation"
Cireq Macro Seminar
Friday, March 15

2011-2012 Seminars

Winter 2012

March 2012 Speaker and Title Organizer
Friday, March 9
3:30, L429
Ana Dammert (Carleton)
"Child Labor Variation by Type of Respondent: Evidence from a Large-Scale Study"
S. Laszlo
Friday, March 30

2009-2010 Seminars

Winter 2010

February 2010 Speaker and Title Organizer
Friday, Feb 5
3:30pm, Leacock 429
Colin Stewart (Toronto)
Communication, Timing, and Common Learning [.pdf]
T. Kunimoto
Friday, Feb 12

2010-2011 Seminars

Winter 2011

March 2011 Speaker and Title Organizer
Friday, March 4
3:30, Leacock 429
Todd Stinebrickner (University of Western Ontario)
Math or Science? Using Longitudinal Expectations Data to Examine the Process of Choosing a College Major [.pdf]
M. Chemin
Friday, March 11