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Student Testimonials

"My McGill education was filled with exceptional learning and unique opportunities to experiment and explore who I wanted to become. I worked on the McGill solar car, conducted research, and took advantage of the IYES program to do an 8-month telecome engineering internship in Paris. These experiences were all essential building blocks that led me to reach my first career goals: after McGill, I worked at McKinsey as a management concultant, then moved to Google's strategy unit and am now pursuing my MBA at Harvard Business School. I have lived in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and everywhere I go, I take with me the solid foundation and relationships built during my years at McGill."

Camille Tyan Graduated 2006, B.Eng. Electrical (Honours)

"I entered McGill's ECE program thinking that I would receive a sound and rigorous education to become a capable engineer, although in reality what I obtained from my four years there was much more than I would have ever imagined. I had professors passionate about their research, who excel and enjoy teaching, and genuinely care about their students in their mentoring role. Besides the technical foundations of engineering, I was trained to think critically and gained invaluable problem solving and quantitative analytical skills. After McGill, I pursued a Master's degree at Stanford University and then joined Deloitte Consulting LLP as a consultant for two years. Presently, I am a fourth year doctoral candidate at Harvard Business School studying the emergence and diffusion of scientific breakthroughs into technology commercialization. I have also completed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst(r) curriculum."

Sen Chai BEng '05

"An Engineering degree doesn't limit you to a career as an Engineer, in fact it says to employers in all fields that you are smart, analytical, and able to deliver under pressure. After graduating from McGill, I landed an amazing leadership role at TELUS as a Business Analyst in Vancouver. This job combined technical skills with a business-focused management role. I am now completing a joint Law/MBA degree and have been offered jobs at top tier law firms, investment banks, and consulting firms in Toronto, all of whom were hugely impressed by my Engineering degree. My McGill education has proved incredibly valuable and versatile in opening doors for me...and now the sky's the limit!"

Peter Blanchard McGill BEng. (Electrical/Software) '06