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Integrated circuits and systems

Wafer Probe Card- Apparatus used to probe the many electronic circuits on a single silicon wafer. - Helene Mayer

Design of integrated circuits andsystems:

Design of analog, digital, mixed-signal, and RF integrated circuits (ICs) in nanometer CMOS/BiCMOS technologies; ICs for signal processing and data communication; system-on-chip; MEMS and integrated microsystems.

Electronic design automation and simulation of integrated circuits and microsystems:

Methodologies, algorithms, optimization, modeling, simulation.

High-speed interconnects and packaging:

Interconnect modeling and simulations, signal/power integrity and EMI in electronic circuits.

Embedded systems:

FPGAs and applications, Verification and test, Multiprocessors.

Microwave electronic circuits and components:

Design of microwave electronic circuits, antennas and Electromagnetic bandgap structures.

Mixed-signal testability:

Testability design for analog, mixed-signal and RF integrated circuits.

Reconfigurable computing:

FPGAs in scientific computing, Application-specific computer architectures.

Signal processing microsystems:

VLSI architectures for digital communications and signal processing, ASIC and FPGA implementation.

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Integrated circuits and systems group members

Professor Mourad El-Gamal Ph.D. McGill
Professor Warren Gross Ph.D. Toronto
Professor Roni Khazaka Ph.D. Carlton
Professor Brett Meyer Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon
Professor Gordon W. Roberts Ph.D. Toronto

Professor Haibo Zeng Ph.D. Berkeley
Professor Zeljko Zilic Ph.D. Toronto