1. East Asian Studies and Japan Foundation - Yoko Tawada: Cross-Cultural Encounters Symposium (October 20)
  2. The McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women and the Centre for East Asian Research - "Infiltration and Interaction: Exploring a New Way for Women's/Gender Studies in Higher Education in China" by Shen Qiqi, Dalian University, China (October 20)
  3. Paul Hsiang Lecture Series on Chinese Poetry-" Between Feminism and the Internet: Researching Traditional Chinese Women Poets"with Professor Ellen Widmer, Wesleyan University (November 10)
  4. East Asian Studies- Judith Butler: Live Theory by Vicki KIrby, University of New South Wales, Australia (November 21)
  5. CEAR speakerThe Precious Raft of History:China's Woman Question and the Politics of Time at the Turn of the Twentieth Century by Prof. Joan Judge, UC Santa Barbara (November 24)
  6. CEAR speaker seriesThe Geopolitics of Identity by Dr. Allen Chun , Acadiemia Sinica (December1)


  1. MGSSEAS Presentation Series-Mia Yu (Department of Art History and Communications), Thinking about Shanghai Urban Skyline in the "Anticipation of Reappearance" on Shanghai. ( February 16)
  2. MGSSEAS Presentation Series-Adam Cantor(Department of Art History and Communications), Otherness to Go: Chinese and American food in the Global Economy. (March 2)
  3. MGSSEAS Presentation Series-Margaret Ng (Department of History), Childbirth Practices in Late Imperial China. (March 9)
  4. Bloodlines - A workshop on Fictional Lineages and Critical Histories in Postwar Japanese Popular Culture Bloodlines- Workshop (March 16)
  5. Paul Hsiang Lecture Series on Chinese Poetry present Chinese Poetry and the Search for the Way with Bill Porter (Red Pine) Paul Hsiang Lecture Series on Chinese Poetry (March 16)
  6. MGSSEAS Presentation Series - Kazuhiro Yonemoto( Department of History), Languages and Identities:Voices of Chinese Repatriated Students. (March 16)
  7. CEAR speaker Series "Sexuality in the (Cinematic) City:Constructing Tokyo through Experience in Japanese Queer Film" by Sara Teasley, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Sexuality in the (cinematic) city: constructing tokyo through experience in Japanese queer film (March 30)
  8. MGSSEAS Presentation Series- Gyewon Kim ( Department of Art History and Communicatin Studies), the Body Politic in the Extrateritoria Space: Nam-Sun Choi?s Animal Imaginary in Colonial Korea" Edamura Taisuke, " Threads of Home, Memory and Identity in the Works of Suh do-HO" (March 30, 2007)
  9. - Centre for East Asian Research co-sponsored with the Departments of History and of Art History and Communications present" Mapping the World:The Mutual Transformation of Chinese and European Cartography in the 17th Century" with Prof. Timothy Brook, Principal, St. John's College,University of British Columbia Mapping the World: The Mutual Transformation of Chinese and European Cartography in the 17th Century (April 18, 2007)