Applicants for the M.A. or Ph.D. programs in East Asian Studies are automatically considered for financial support. Successful applicants may receive one or a combination of the following fellowships and awards:

  • McGill Graduate Studies Fellowships (MGSF)
    Value: $ 5,000Note: All doctoral students are exempted from paying international fees.
  • Differential Fee Waiver— Exempts international Master’s students from paying international fees during summer terms.
    Value: $ 4,000 per term
  • Lin Fellowship
    Value: $ 5,000
  • Ping Kwan Lau Award (For graduate students in their 2nd year and above )
    Value: $ 750
  • Paul Hsiang Fellowship in traditional Chinese Poetry, Poetics and Literature.
    Value: $15,000 per year
    Renewable: once at the M.A. level; twice at the Ph.D. level.
  • Canadian Chinese Cultural Society of Montreal Inc. Scholarship in Chinese Studies (Full time studies)
    Deadline: April 30
    Value: $1000

In addition, there are 4 basic ways to finance your graduate studies at McGill:

  • Competitive fellowships : These are scholarships awarded to students through national and university level competitions. Fellowships are the most prestigious awards because of the high level of competition. In general they range from a minimum of $5,000 per year to as high as $35,000 or more per year. Fellowships are awarded by a variety of organizations and there are a number of internal fellowships . ( See below for list of graduate fellowship competition awards)
  • Stipends: These are scholarships paid to graduate students from a professor’s grant. Because they are paid from a professor’s grant, it is up to him or her to decide who to award it to. The value of individual stipends is determined by the professor, although some research councils set minimum levels.
  • Assistantships: Graduate students can be offered two types of assistantships; teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Both are open to all graduate students, regardless of nationality.
  • Loans and bursaries: These are based on financial need rather than merit. The McGill Student Aid Office is responsible for administering all needs–based financial aid. For more information visit


  • Top-Up Recruitment Awards Deadline Mid-March
    Value: $5, 000/$7,500/$10,000
  • Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Ng Wai Yee Fellowship Deadline Early April Value: $ 10,000 renewable
  • Sir Yue-Kong Pao Deadline Mid-March Value: $ 25,000 renewable (once)
  • Tomlinson Fellowship
    Deadline February 1
    Value: PhD- $ 20, 000 renewable (twice)
    MA -$ 15, 000 renewable (once)
  • Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship
    Deadline November 30
    Value: $ 35,000
  • Masters SSHRC Deadline November/December
    Value: $17, 500
  • CGS Doctoral SSHRC Deadline October/November Value: $35,000
  • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowships
    Deadline October/November
    Value: $20, 000

For more information on Graduate Funding and Fellowship awards contact the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office website at