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DISE Talks!

DISETalks! is a well-attended forum for members of the DISE community, both students and faculty, to come together and share their work on research and/or pedagogy. In DISE we are fortunate to have a group of students and faculty who use a wide range of research and pedagogical approaches and methodologies. DISETalks! celebrates this diversity and aims to provide a forum for members of the DISE community to share and to learn from one another.

Some aims of the forum are:

  • to promote a culture of exchange within DISE
  • to provide a forum for presenters to discuss the challenges of their works-in-progress
  • to create a space for constructive and critical feedback
  • to foster a spirit of collaboration among DISE researchers and course instructors
  • to offer a forum for students to practice their presentation skills

For more information contact bronwen [dot] low [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Dr. Bronwen Low)

Upcoming Talks

Generally, talks take place every two weeks.