Call for Papers - DISE Talks!


DISE Talks! is a forum for members of the DISE community, both students and faculty, to come together and share their work in research and pedagogy. In DISE, we are fortunate to have a group of students and faculty who come from varied backgrounds and use a wide range of research and pedagogical approaches.

DISE Talks! celebrates this diversity. Some aims of the forum are:

  • to promote a culture of exchange within DISE;
  • to enable presenters to discuss the challenges of their works-in-progress;
  • to foster a culture of constructive and critical feedback;
  • to foster a spirit of collaboration among DISE course instructors;
  • to provide a forum for students (and faculty) to practice their presentation skills.

We accept proposals for the entire year.

We welcome topics that fall under the general field of education. We strongly encourage graduate students and faculty members to come and share their research within the DISE community. This is an opportunity to be involved in the departmental activities and, first and foremost, inform others about your research interests in education and benefit from the feedback provided by the DISE Talks! committee, faculty members, and students.


Please include the following information in your proposal:
Your name, program, and affiliation
A brief, yet explicative presentation title
A 50-word author biography

  • A 200-word abstract
  • The language in which you will present (English or French)
  • Any special equipment you will need for your presentation

The upcoming submission deadline is Oct 30 by 5 pm. Please send your submission to DISE Talks! Committee member marianne.filion [at] (Marianne Filion).