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  • New Web Page for PhD Research

    The newly launched “PhD Student Research Projects” web page is where you can find out about research projects led by our DISE PhD students.

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  • Communication in Education

    In Kahnawake, Sondra Karahkwenhá:wi Cross presents her project “Bringing the Family Together with One Outfit” for the Communication in Education course.

  • What's new in the Education Curriculum Resources Centre?

    Over the past year, the Education Library has transformed into the Education Curriculum Resources Centre. For an update on where the collections are located and how to access services, click on the link below.

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  • First Nations and Inuit Education (FNIE)

    FNIE works in partnership with the First Nations and Inuit education authorities to deliver community-based teacher education programs and professional development.

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  • Teaching French Immersion

    For B.Ed. students, completing the major in Pédagogie de l’Immersion Française increases potential for employability – in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

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The Department of Integrated Studies in Education offers Teaching Certification programs at the Undergraduate and Graduate level as well as Master's programs, a Ph.D. program and graduate level certificates in education.

We are committed to the the preparation of exceptional teachers for work in elementary and secondary schools, to the continuing professional development of educators, and to engaging research in the areas of pedagogy, curriculum, literacy education, educational policy and educational leadership.

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